Autumn time

Autumn is an incredibly beautiful and changeable season. The colors and emotions it evokes in me during cold, exceptionally sunny days are amazing. What I love most about fall are, of course, the colors that are bright and warm, which creates a beautiful contrast with the cold that autumn brings. It’s a short period that I always enjoy the most.

Another thing that  I enjoy the most about this period is inventing different fashion combinations. I adore extravagant jeans, trousers, various coats – short, long, oversize – as well as various jackets – puffers, shearling,.., blazers, skirts, dresses and everything else. However, this year I prefer tracksuit the most. Yes, I know, tracksuit are one of the least attractive fashion pieces, but of course it always depends on what you can combine with it. Of course, I was also inspired by other people who managed to “sell” this “fashion piece”.

After getting it, I liked it so much that it is currently one of my TOP worn pieces. Simply put on a tracksuit, put on sneakers, throw a jacket or coat on top, a small handbag over your shoulder, and go for a walk in the city among the fallen leaves and enjoy amazing autumn days!

Kind regards, yours, Christy.

© Christina Luknar